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Forever 99 Realty
Short Sale Consultation with an Attorney, Accountant and Realtor from Forever 99 Realty for only $99! $500 Value!

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Is your home worth substantially less than what you owe? Are you considering a short sale, but don’t understand how the process works?

Finding answers to questions specific to your individual circumstances isn’t easy. Today’s Daily Deal is an opportunity to get answers specific to your questions about how to navigate the confusing world of short sales.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with three professionals to determine whether a short sale is the right decision for you, including an attorney, an accountant and a real estate professional. This panel of professionals has vast experience in short sales with knowledge in every aspect of the process from tax implications to potential affects on future credit scores.

Each bank has their own short sale process, and our panel is experienced in dealing with these procedures. This allows them to provide you with crisp, clear answers on the pros and cons on whether or not a short sale is right for you.

In addition, 2012 marks the last year of the “Mortgage Debt Relief Act”. Our panel of professionals can help you determine if you’re in a position to benefit from this Act. Don’t take the chance of letting your property go into foreclosure and not benefitting from the “Mortgage Debt Relief Act” before it expires.

Our panel of professionals also deals with Commercial Real Estate, and can help you determine whether a short sale is right for you and your business as well.
Expires September 30, 2012.
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Forever 99 Realty
2801 S Valley View Blvd
# 10
Las Vegas, NV 89102
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